Friday, June 30, 2006

iPod Saga, Part Three

So, while waiting to hear back from Dena, I get the RMA and shipping information from a new person, Lindsey. Maybe Dena is the "bad" cop and Lindsey is the "good" cop?

Sorry you are having problems with your unit and for
any inconvenience
this has caused you. Please follow
these instructions to return the
item safely to us.

1. Please package the item with all accessories
(ac adapter/power
cord, CDs, instruction manuals, etc)
in the original packaging. If
the plastic wrap has
been broken, please use bubble wrap and/or foam
to make sure the item is securely packaged. Please
note that
you are responsible for any damage incurred
during the return shipment
due to insufficient

2. Please send the item to:

Attn: RMA #
10225 Barnes Canyon Rd Suite A112
San Diego, CA 92121

Make sure to include a detailed description of
the problem you have
been nencountering.

3. Please note that this RMA is only valid for
2 weeks. If your unit
is not received back within
2 weeks, this return authorization will be
voiding any future warranty coverage through MobilePC.

4. Print and attach your FedEx return label to your
unit and ship
back to us. Please notify us when you
have sent it out, so we can know
when to expect it.

5. Please allow us a few days to review your item
and duplicate the
problem. If possible, we will
repair the item and return it to you.
If unable to
repair the unit, we will replace it. If we do not have
any units to replace the defective one, we will issue
a refund. (If
we are not given the opportunity to
repair or replace the unit, we charge
a 25% restocking
fee as stated in the auction listing.)

6. If you would like a replacement unit sent prior to
returning the
original, please send us payment for the
full value of the unit. We
will send a replacement unit
out to you once payment has been
received. When we receive
the original unit, we will refund the
amount in full.
If unit has been damaged during shipment:

7. Please make sure to keep all original packaging.
If possible take
digital pictures of the damage. We will
give you instructions on how
to file a damage claim with
If you have any other problems or questions,
feel free to contact us.


So, I print out the label and figure I can package the iPod up and send it back the following day. Before I get around to doing that, I get another message from Dena and she addresses the Paypal dispute again:

Hello David,

We apologize for the confusion. As you mentioned, the
hold is on the transaction, not the account. While the
transaction is on hold, Paypal has taken the funds
from our account so we currently do not have payment
for this item. However, I am going to issue you a RMA
#DS062906 and a return shipping label so that the item
can be returned to us on our account. The return
shipping label will be sent to your email address.
Simply print out the label, attach it to the package
and drop it off at your nearest FedEx location or
dropbox. Be sure to package the item securely. We
will ship a replacement after receiving the defective
item; the only thing we request is that you end your
buyer dispute prior to shipping out the replacement.
Please let us know if this is acceptable.

Thank you,

They still want me to close the dispute prior to any real action on their part. Again, they are giving me an RMA and taking care of shipping, but that is a few extra dollars to them and doesn't exactly compare with the cost of sending me another iPod. Maybe they are just concerned that I am going to stiff them somehow, maybe get Paypal to refund my money while I actually keep the device or something. I guess it is possible to do something like that, but I don't know how effective it would be. And, frankly, I don't know why they continue to choose to not communicate with me through Paypal's dispute process. I can't help but think they want to keep their requests for closure outside of Paypal's purview so it doesn't negatively impact them if we can't resolve this. So, I responded with this:


I appreciate what you are requesting and that you are
working with me to resolve this. But, I have some
concerns about how things have gone so far and I do
not understand why you require me to close the Paypal
dispute. You have issued an RMA and covered the
shipping expenses, both of which certainly suggest
that you have every intention of honoring your
exchange/return policy. But, you must know that if I
close the dispute, I have no avenue for recourse
whatsoever. So, if I do as you ask and then ship the
device, you can collect the funds, never send me a
replacement, and there will be nothing I can do other
than submit negative feedback on eBay, something that
will do nothing to get my money back or to get me a
working iPod.

I will be happy to close the dispute once I've
received a working iPod, but I do not see any valid
reason to do so beforehand.


And I haven't heard a peep since yesterday afternoon. I am going to ship the device back because it is no good to me and I am confident that I will be able to resolve this, one way or another, through Paypal. But, I don't think this story is finished yet.

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