Monday, January 21, 2008

Quick Running Update

I have another race report to post, but it isn't that exciting. In brief, I ran another 5K with my neighbor. I felt like crap before and after and only felt okay during the run. But, I'll write a more detailed report soon. In the meantime, I am well into marathon training and I am very happy with how things are going. I feel slow and I worry about my goal pace, but it is early yet. I've only missed one day of running so far due to illness and I had to cut back on mileage one day as well. But, I am ahead of plan so far and I've run a ton of miles the past four weeks. A ton for me, anyways. I've averaged over 50 miles per week (not sure what the exact number is) and I ran 61 miles last week, which is a new weekly high for me. And, I did it with an 18 miler in some frigid-ass weather this past Sunday. My hands got so cold that I had to stop mid-run to warm them. I stuck them in my crotch and kneeled down for almost ten minutes, allowing them to warm up and for the severe pain to go away. It was somewhat brutal, to the point where my gatorade basically began to freeze in my bottle. Not a good sign, I imagine. I just hope the weather warms up a bit soon because I'd like to avoid going to the gym, if I can.

Family News

This is an easy post. Just some updates on the really important stuff. First, Naomi has had some big events in her life recently. She's gotten her first tooth and is working on another. And, she is finally crawling. She was moving around by going backwards, turning in circles, and rolling. But, she finally figured out how to crawl forward to get at the objects or people she wants. And, she is getting much stronger and is able to stand up on her own for a long period of time, using something like a windowsill or activity table to hold onto. As for Noah, tomorrow is his 4th birthday, and I think he might lose his mind in anticipation. This is a big deal to him, as it should be, and we've done a good job of teasing him about it. He has no idea how many awesome presents he is about to receive.