Monday, October 16, 2006

Sign that Hell is Freezing Over

My alma mater, Rutgers University, is not only ranked in the Top 25 in NCAA Division Football, but actually in the BCS standings as well. I never thought I'd see such a thing and I can barely believe it. Will they be able to sustain their success and stay ranked throughout the entire season? I think so. They've got some tough games coming up now that they are into Big East play, but I think they can hang. They can beat Pitt, although it will be hard, and then they can take care of UCONN, Syracuse, and Cinncinati. As for WVU and Louisville, well, the Scarlet Knights just need to put on a good show. Could they steal one away? Sure, but that would be too good to even dare dream about at this point.
GO RUTGERS! I'd sign the school song, but I don't know much beyond it saying something about the banks of the Raritan River.

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