Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Visit from an Old Friend

It was just for a few hours, but an old friend stopped by for dinner last night. Our friend, Dan, was in town visiting his family for the upcoming holiday and had some time to come over in his way into DC. He lives in LA and is very, very Hollywood. Okay, I don't know what the hell that means exactly, but I am writing it because Dan reads this blog sometimes and I want to tease him a bit.

I think I gave him too many veggies at dinner. I liked them and was excited about the prospect of eating roasted brussel sprouts and squash, but I am clearly a huge food dork and most people would not be that interested in either item. In any case, I must have piled too much on his plate, although he valiantly ate it without complaint. Veggies are good for you, Dan! Audrey didn't like them much either, so more for me in the end. I'll be eating the leftovers tonight, I imagine. That choco chip banana bread was freaking good, though...you can't deny the wife's baking skillz.

It was great to see Dan. It has been several years since his last visit and since we are sucky people who never travel very far, we haven't had the chance to see him in LA. The amazing thing is that we've all known each other for almost 15 years now. That is unbelievable and makes me feel really old. When Dan hits the big time with one of his screenplays, we'll be able to say we knew him when he was just a guy from Parsippany. While I'm sure he'll be busy with all those A-listers and moneymen, drinking weird icy cocktails and eating oddball foods made with essence of this and foam of that, I hope he'll be willing to take a meeting with us if we ever come out to visit Disneyland.

In any case, thanks for coming over, Dan. We had a great time catching up and hope to see you again soon. We don't have loads of friends, so we really need to keep the ones we've got.

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