Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Living with a Hernia

Can you hear James Brown singing this or what?

Living with a Hernia
My gut is shot
Intestines are spillin'

Living with a Hernia
Piece of Gore-Tex
And the hole will be fillin'

So, I have a consult with a surgeon next week to discuss options for correcting my hernia. It is a common problem for men and tends to run in families. My brother has one and my father has had two, both of which have been corrected. My father lived with one for 10 years and we used to make fun of him because he'd come home at night, sit down on the couch, shove his hand in his pants, and push it back in. Right, push it back in. That is the basic solution for most men until it gets so bad that they need to have surgery. I am able to do the same when it gets too pokey and wants to stick out for a bit. But, that is nasty. I keep thinking if I keep my finger on it while I eat, that I will feel some digested food go by. Yuck.

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