Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wegman's Ultimate Chocolate Cake

I would normally expect something called the "Ultimate" to disappoint. It is like the old saying about never eating at a place called "Mothers" - it just won't be anything like she used to make. But, if you are the least bit curious about this particular cake, I can now say that it is worth a taste or two.

Audrey and I had talked about buying one for months now, just to try it out. We both love cake, particularly cake of the chocolate variety, and we are bit discerning in our cake tastes. Now, we haven't been going to Wegmans much since it is further away than the Safeway and the prices are just not that great on most items. I did get a great price on pears recently, but I digress. So, I'm over there the other day getting a prescription filled, and I figured I'd buy the small version of the cake. It is just big enough to carve out about four pieces of cake., which is more cake than we should probably have in the house on a regular basis. But this was a special situation!

We tried it out with some ice cream that night. It is basically the best standard chocolate cake I think I've ever eaten. Nothing fancy, no interesting flavors, not a trace of something different. It is just the best example yet of the traditional, archetypal chocolate cake. I'd definitely eat it again, except it is rather expensive. The small cake is $9, making this a rather costly indulgence.

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