Thursday, May 07, 2009


It has been a long, long, long time. Blogging sometimes seems like a chore, but I need to do something to handle the stuff in my head and the endless piles of notes I seem to make for myself.

Let's start with a proclamation or a mid-year resolution. Eh, a set of resolutions. I have fallen off the wagon a bit. My running is junk, my sleep is bad, and my diet is horrendous. In other words, I'm not doing the basic things I need to do to stay healthy and to feel good. Sure, I want to and I know what to do, but I've been stressed out and weak and let a lot of things get in my way.

In any case, here's the deal. A public announcement of what I intend to do, although I get off easy since nobody reads this. I will stop eating crap at night. I will consistently run every week and begin training for a race. And, I will get to bed earlier. Simple.

How do I measure this and make sure I'm sticking to it? Every day, I'll post about my exercise, sleep, and eating. Once I can get into a regular pattern, maybe I won't feel like I need to do it. But, I have to log this stuff so that I feel accountable in some way. Here's the first post on this topic then:

No run
No food
No sleep

What I'll do is post at the end of the day or early the following day to note what happened. So, I'll be posting again later or tomorrow morning as to the activity and control for today, 5/7. Until then...


m said...

hey stranger! I think that' a great idea. Sometime I use twitter to the same effect - if I write about it, I HAVE to do it, right?

Still new to the running thing but had actually been contemplating adding a google calendar to my blog and posting my runs and run times to keep myself honest.

I think I'll let you go first. :)

Dave said...

The fact that someone is already reading this means I'm now on the hook to be good today. Crap.

Thanks for the kick in the ass, m.