Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Need New Running Gear...Advice?

I am in the market for two things in particular: a pair of trail runners and some hydration system for long runs. I am looking at the Adidas Supernova Trails and the Asics Gel-Trabucos, both of which seem to be well regarded trail runners. I am intrigued by the stuff from Merrell and Keen, but I wonder if they are well versed enough in the construction of running shoes to be able to make good ones. I am sure they are both great at making hiking and walking shoes, but running is a different matter and I don't need to be dropping a Benjamin on something that hurts my feet after 5 or 6 miles. What stinks is that no stores in my area carry trail runners. My local running store has nothing. I checked out Metro Run & Walk yesterday and they have decided to stop carrying them as well, having marked down the few they have in stock. I tried on a pair of Brooks Cascadias, but they aren't stability runners and the color is frightening. So, my last real shot is at the outdoorsy type stores, like REI and Hudson Trail Outfitters. REI claims to have a bunch of this stuff at their local store, but I think that they may only really carry the wacky brands and not the Adidas and Asics, which I would prefer. I could order shoes online, but I am still trying to balance out price and return policy. RoadRunner Sports has great shoe prices, but the only way to return them if they don't fit and feel right is if I join their club. Zappos might have a great return policy, but the shoes will definitely cost more.

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