Sunday, June 17, 2007

Carrot Cake #2

So, I have the greatest wife on the planet. In an effort to make me happy, she has embarked on a quest to make the tastiest carrot cake I've ever eaten. This requires making these cakes until she hits the mark, so I get to eat lots of good cakes on the road to the best cake ever. Pretty sweet deal for me, no pun intended.

Today was Father's Day and the second attempt at a carrot cake. It was the first true attempt from scratch, but we did recently eat a mediocre cake from a box mix that had homemade icing on it. That icing was weird and it was my fault because I bought low fat cream cheese for the icing and it just came out too smooth and soft. In any case, today's cake was entirely homemade and was very, very nice. The taste of the cake itself was right on the money, but we agreed that it might have been a bit too chunky. I think it needs a bit less in the way of nuts and they should be chopped a bit finer, but Audrey thinks it might need more shredded coconut. With some minor tweaks, the cake will be absolutely perfect. The icing still doesn't seem right to me. This was closer, but I still feel like the sourness of the cream cheese is too strong and we both agreed that the texture wasn't right. Good carrot cake icing should be thicker and not as smooth, I think.

So, these are just my tasting notes on this cake. I'll be providing reviews of every cake from now until the end of this process, at which point I will be too busy eating cake to bother typing.

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Audrey said...

Actually, I think I went overboard with the coconut. I need to scale it back a hair. And while I like my nuts chunky, this is your cake, so they will be chopped finer next time.