Friday, March 24, 2006


Damn, my NCAA brackets are busted all over the place. I got trashed in my office pool, largely because I didn't pick enough of the big upsets and I had Duke and Gonzaga going to the Final Four. Same goes for my brackets with the Trashtalking crowd, but I am doing a bit better there. the only place I've still got some respect is with the brackets I do with my brother, Ben. Thankfully, it looks like I'll beat him in both our full bracket competition and our round-by-round selections. I say thankfully because I have beaten him every year since we started doing this and it is the only NCAA betting that I have been able to win the past few years. I did clean house in an office pool back in 2003, but I haven't done squat since then.

On a related note, I am surprisingly happy for the George Mason Patriots. I can't pretend that I cared what happened to them at first, but I am totally on their bandwagon now. Since they are the "local" school in our town, it can only be good for us if they keep winning.

Go Patriots!

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