Friday, March 17, 2006

Running or Parenthood or Stupidity?

I think this whole thing will get very uninteresting if all I talk about is running and related subjects. Okay, so it is a hobby of mine and I'm really into it and all that, but who wants to hear that crap all the time? And, yes, I am a father and I love my son and we have loads of wacky adventures and experiences. But, again, how corny will that be?

So, should I start venting about politics and culture? Should I post a daily gripe? Should I just attempt to be crass and insulting and post all sorts of nasty humor?

Here is something that always bothers me and I figure it is postable since I just vocalized my irritation to a coworker: the proliferation of Nalgene bottles in the workplace. Yes, it is important to drink water and I am sure that these bottles are a good way to do that, but they don't function better than a basic squeeze bottle from Rubbermaid. What they do, though, is suggest that the person drinking the water is outdoorsy. It fits with the clownish suburban parents that never ski, run, or go camping, yet have NorthFace or Patagonia jackets on. It is just the latest fad, a waning one at that, in a long line of fads that make middle class status seekers feel like they have achieved some status. I am sure it is great for Nalgene to convince people that they must have their water bottle, but it is silly in the end. Besides, is it really that great for an outdoor products company if people begin to associate their products with the fat cubicle slaves that I've seen using them. First person I ever met who had one was a bald, dorky customer support manager at a tech company. He also had the fancy jacket and the leatherman on his belt...heck of a poster child for Nalgene.

What do I use to drink water at work? I use a 20 oz bottle of Dasani. I bought the water, drank it, and have refilled it every day since I started this job. It cost me $1 and it will not end up in the recycling bin until it really is completely used up.

I know, Jon, I know. I am a crank and I won't ever buy a Nalgene bottle, let alone New Balance or Under Armour. I will complain about that stuff later.


Jon said...

Dude, I hate Nalgene bottles. They're dumb. They have that huge wide mouth and you can't squeeze them. What exactly are they good for again??

I use a poland spring bottle with the sport top and refill it until it starts to get creases in it.

I'm with you on this one, Dave.

Jon said...

Actually, if I may expand on that... Any time I've held a Nalgene bottle, I've had the urge to put it under the tire of my car and back over it to see if it will explode. The plastic is so rigid and it's all fancy with the bright colors that it must be spectacular when it explodes.