Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Running in the Morning

Despite a bit of a rough night for Noah and Audrey, I was able to get myself up and out the door for a run by 6AM. I took advantage of the great weather (61 degrees) and broke in the new Adrenalines with a slow 5.75 miles. No shin pain at all, but my knees took it a bit tough and my left leg is behaving as usual. Maybe my left leg just doesn't like me or what I am doing and feels the need to complain every time I run. In any case, I am right on track for my mileage this week. I am going to take it easy and try for 11+ this Saturday. The Cherry Blossom race will be here pretty soon and I don't want to overdo it. Plus, my schedule is going to be kind of wacky and I am going to have a tough time fitting my runs in. A trip to San Diego, Audrey's potential jaunt to Seattle...and the usual nonsense will transpire to derail my training plans.

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