Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Nocturnal Emissions

...from my son's stomach! Our little guy caught a stomach bug. He started puking in the afternoon, kept it up all night, and again found a way to puke on me in the middle of night, sans clothing (on top). Puke all over your chest and back with no t-shirt on is just no fun.

The worst part, though, is having to see your child go through this kind of thing. Vomiting, not feeling well, crying because he is just miserable. Pleading for us to give him food or water, which we are withholding only because we know it will just come right back up. Last report from Audrey is that he has held liquids down all morning. I don't know how things are at the moment, but the pediatrician said we can't give him food until he hasn't puked for at least 8 hours.

Noah must be starving by now.

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